Christina GAGuilera

If you're a fan of Christina's, ask yourself why you are here. Is it worth the trouble of coming here and pissing yourself off in the process of doing so? If the answer is no, please leave. I don't like ingnorant people's criticism. If you're a person with a sense of humor or you loathe Christina also, welcome.

Why Christina Needs To Go

My hatred has absolutely nothing to do with jealousy. Many guys have told me that I'm better looking than Christina. I'm not trying to be conceited, it's the truth. On with the reasons;

-She is so UGLY. Come on, she looks like a barbie with its head run over about 50 times. She has huge eyes, bulb nose and just generally screwed up face.

-Her hair is bleached to the point of it being almost white. And when she made it look like leopard print for New Year's was just tacky.

-She puts makeup on with a spatula. Her face is looks like a prostitute's from a bad 80s horror flick.

-She is such a SLUT. If she wore a shirt that actually covered her stomach I would probably die of shock. She's made worse fashion felonies than any other celebrity or performer I've seen.

-She needs an attitude adjustment, NOW. Just because she's had 2 hit singles does not give her the right to think that she owns the world. Whenever she's at an awards' show or any other music related event, she gets this holier than thou persona going.

-She acts so, well, ditzy. I've never heard an intelligent word come out of her mouth. If I had just seen her I would think that she's 15. But I guess she has to do that to keep her pedophile fans interested.

-She gets way too into her singing. I mean she's no diva. In at the very most from now, a year, her CDs will be stacked next to Debbie Gibson's and all the other pop groups'. A person once said that she gets this glare on her face when she sings and noone will dare go near her which is pretty scary, lol.

-The implants. To those who deny it, noone grows three sizes in two days. Even her mom wrote to this Christina Central website telling them, "Oh no, Christina would never get implants." Sure...just keep on denying it like Britney.

-She hits on any other celebrity within 10 feet of her. "Ooh Carson..." and she claims to have crushes on Eminem, Fred Durst and other musicians.

-The way she has guys strewn all over her in her videos is so cheesy and obvious. They're there for the sole purpose of making her look hot and having girls watching the videos also.

-The way she pulls her skirt up all the way in her "What a Girl Wants" video...SLUT.

-She denies having sexual lyrics. She claims, "Rub me the right way" is actually "Treat me the right way". Ok, since when does rubbing have anything to do with treating?
I'd like to hear her excuse for the lyrics, "Making love or we're in a fight." Having sex with a guy you fight with? Oh yeah..she's a great role model.

-Her Insider Special. Ok, this is the worst. The girls around her(her friends whom she paid to have pretend like they like Christina) and her sister are all watching videos that little Chrissy likes. Most of them have a look on their face that cries, "Get me the hell out of here..." Christina also makes a few lesbo comments to Jennifer Lopez like, "Shake that ass", and racist remarks like she's glad Lenny Kravitz doesn't act too black or too white.

I can confidently say that I will be the happiest person alive when her 15 minutes of fame are up.

Christina Causes a Riot!! I put this up to show how psychotic Christina's fans really are. I mean, I wouldn't pay 30 cents to go see Christina in person and here these idiots are trampling over each other to see the skank.
Christina Wants Eminem and Fred Durst But Can't Have Them! Eminem and Fred Durst hit on Christina and of course she's all too willing to participate. I wouldn't let my head inflate too much Chrissy, these guys don't exactly have high standards.
Join the Anti-Genie-Clan Please join this!! It's a good start to bring down the skanky miss GAGuilera.